This extermely strong-smelling cheese is named for a province in Belgium # Quiz # Question

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WHISK Episode 7 “Cool Cream Cheese Danish”

Cheese, which is already considered as a healthy and high protein snack for children and adults has seen an increase in consumption of natural and processed dairy-based cheese products which are driving the global cheese market towards the mainstream market in the coming years.

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10 Ramadan Foods with Recipe from Around the World : 1. Dahi Vada: Lentil dumplings that are soaked in a spicy yogurt sauce (India, Bangladesh,Pakistan) 2.Haleem: A slow-cooked stew of meat, bulgur wheat, and lentils (Middle East, India, Bangladesh,Pakistan, and Central Asia) 3.Chicken 65: Spicy, bite-sized pieces of chicken that are marinated and deep-fried (India) […]

Pizzaburger plus Cheeseburger – na, wenn das nicht lecker ist? Für Smartphones und Tablets – hier die neuen Rezepte von Esslust: Eine .Ronald McDonald, Wendy, A&W bear, Taco Bell Dog and Colonel Sanders have a wild orgy covered in tomato sauce on some dough under cheese. This pizza .Bonjour, Voici quelques petites vidéos réalisées en […]

Facts : 1 History Turkish baklava served with kaymak and pistachios, typical of Turkey The history of baklava is not well documentedFacts : 2 There are three proposals for the pre-Ottoman roots of baklava: the Central Asian Turkic tradition of layered breads, the Roman placenta cake, as developed through Byzantine cuisine, or the Persian lauzinaqFacts […]

In Greek, the word “Megaman” has two meanings. When pronounced “Me-Ga Man” it means, “Sleep with me”. Don’t know where to go on holidays ? Greece is not just a country gone broke ! The other side of Greece Megaman – Greece. Aegean Airlines – Greece – 2008. Piraeus Cheeses – Israel – 2001. Israeli […]

The Dairy Video News of 17-12-2009Need new clothes ?

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